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Offset Printing Process Steps

After the previous tutorial discussed about the printing business opportunities, so this time I will bring some print process is done by using an offset printing machine, so the friends who want to plunge into the printing business to know what steps need to be taken.

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Here are the offset printing process steps you should know...

To become a perfect print product, then various kinds of printing items require some production processes that must be overcome. A lot of whether or not the process, of course, depends on whether or not simple printed items to be made.

As for the print production process by using an offset printing machine which I know is as follows:

1. Process Pre-print:

* Preparation of paper materials: such as paper HVS, BC, kenstruk, doorslags, matte paper, NCR, scented paper, duplex, ivory, etc.. tailored to the needs. Can also print blank, ie print material size and shape has become and stay into the print process.
* Computer Setting: a format that will be made on goods cetakkan .. size, manuscripts, and graphic design is determined here, and usually end with HVS printed on paper, tracing paper, or film reproduction.
* Record Plat: setting results that have been printed earlier recorded (such copied) to a paper plate or aluminum plate (paper plate / aluminum plate) so that there is any script master on it, and this is what will print plate mounted on the printing press.
* Create a matrix (matress) for the foil or emboss (if needed).

Graphic equipment used is known as Imagesetter Machine
2. Printing Process:

* Printing plate and paper material that has been prepared on the precast process was then mounted on the printing press, and placed at each position by function. Printing plate is placed above the roll located above the engine, while the paper material mounted on the flat on the bottom rollers. And the ink was prepared in his place (according to the desired color)
* After the printing plate, paper materials, and ink ready or installed, the engine was running .. and there was a printing process. Tangent ink roll that has been inserted plates, and ink also intersect with the existing paper material, and become involved in the transfer of an existing script on paper plates to the material through the ink, and paper came out one by one containing the finished manuscript.

Graphic equipment used is known as Printing Machine / Printer.

3. Finishing processes, including:

* The process or serit piece of paper, with the aim to share some of last printout paper into sections, or it could be just for after finish paper.
* Foil, sprinkle the paper with the words or images "shiny" like gold, silver, blue, red, etc..
* Embossed, printed paper adorned with the words or images, which are shaped paper ornaments that arise or dies due to drowning.
* The process of laminating gloss / doff, UV gloss / doff, spot UV, etc.. The print paper is coated with a shiny plastic or opaque plastic / light bulb on the outside, giving rise to its own aesthetic impression.
* Punch, cut the paper into certain forms due to the knife cut punch machine. The form can be the format to fold envelopes, boxes, etc..
* Glue, to connect or unite printed paper such as envelopes.
* And others such as binding, sewing thread / wire, nomerator, folding stacking / insert, wrap in plastic, etc.. depending on needs.

Graphic equipment used is known as Finishing machines.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post. Offset lithography is the most common printing know-how when high numbers of material are needed. In this type of printing, the desired picture is burned on a plate and then is "offset" from the plate to a rubber blanket and then to the surface to be printed on. One of the benefits of the offset presses technique is superior picture quality. This press also works on a variety of materials including paper, wood and metal, among others. Another benefit is that as the quantity of prints goes up, the cost goes down. Offset presses are designed for high-volume work, and they do it well. offset printing is the best option for getting high class printing.